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released October 30, 2014

Recorded at Everest Studios



all rights reserved


The Imagest Salem, Indiana

5 Piece

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Track Name: Glass Bodies
Light Refracts from the surface,
Of Aesthetic seas of green.
I Transcend, Through the waves,
Formed of the sound,
When she speaks.

Dreaming awake.
A fondest moment,
Confined in her eyes.
I'm dreaming awake.
Seldom peace,
Formed by remembrance.

I'm lost, Lost in trasition.
The anathema has come to life.
Fighting for a better,
Place in this world.
What do you really fear?

Tell me do you see,
Light in the Tunnel?
Speak up, Speak up!
It's getting harder to hear
It's getting harder to hear you.

Tell me, do you see,
Light in the Tunnel?
Speak up, Speak up!
It's getting harder to hear you.

Tell me!
About you mind,
Not being in the right place.
I'll pick these walls up,
And break down your ceiling.
The caring and haste left,
When you quit feeling.
When you stopped living.
Take Back the words,
You spoke so well.

Pick It up, Where you left off.
I'll set back, I won't tell.
(I can't sit back any longer)
Pick it up, Where you left off.
But I wont sit back.
Track Name: D(evolve)
Fragile beings
Confined to their regions
Our balance is lost

They set a new order

Picture this
Insignificant creatures
Forming a system
Where they control the odds

We lost all sight

New planetary miracles
No longer destined
To foster an outcome
They gave it a price
We paid it in black blood

We paid it in black blood

Tell them again
About your nations debt
Cover your ass
With your freedom and oil

We were the nameless
Always the speechless
Now we are the movement
Ignoring your systems
We aren't the speechless
No longer the nameless
We are a movement
Controlling the odds.
Track Name: Forethought
It's been three years,
With this new state of mind.
I'm still right here,
Not left behind.
Instead I built the path.
Choose to follow
Or go your separate way.
I should warn you,
About the..

That will follow you in the dark
Run for cover, you wont find,
Safety tonight.
Armageddon sunset is on the horizon.
On the horizon.

Armageddon sunset(x2)

When the sky tears apart,
You'll be left as food for the wolves.
Starving and hungry,
You'll get nothing from me.

Practically useless.
Face it,
You know you're not gonna make it.

breathe in the light,
For you are safe.
Fearful of night
We attack like wolves(x2)

When the sky tears apart,
You'll be left as food for the wolves.
Starving and hungry,
You'll get nothing from me.

It's the lack of sense inside your mind.
You should have seen this coming last night.
You're the reason for yourself getting left behind.
You know you cant play the victim every time.
Track Name: Sector 27
Perfectly in time,
It's only you and me.
The softest words in my ear,
This feels like a dream.

Suddenly I'm conscious,
Where is my memory?
Somehow i've lost it.
The only thing in the back, of my mind.
I'm containing a monster.

For the last time,
They're changing me.
I just want to be free,
The scientist on my back,
Will finally get,
Whats been coming.

No more am i weak,
They designed me.
I'm half machine,
From the outside in.

Always a waste of time,
Striving to be something that i'm not.
I often wonder if i'm any different from you. (x2)

You were the one I've wanted,
I'd been searching for so long.
You ask me why you're so important,
I'd be wasting me time without someone like (x2)
Track Name: The Paradox
I have finally found,
I've finally found what i wanted.

A softer sound is on
The outside of this world.
Hard to believe that this peace
Could be taken from another world.

Beyond the Oort Cloud.
My eyes begin to see.
All these brilliant worlds,
Floating in a dark sea.

How does it feel to know,
That in a second,
An Armageddon.
So unexpected.
You've had an un-lived life,
And you'd regret it.

When you're all alone it's like
Nothing else matters

Well i just want you to know,
No matter the disaster.

If we die we die together.
Track Name: Malady
When you see my face.
Cause that means everything to me.
I've traveled the whole wide world,
And still, nothing compares to you.

No, Nothing compares to you.
And now you're saying that i'm all that you've got,
Like you've got nothing left to loose.
Ahhh, Fuck.

When I'm gone,
I think that you should know,
You will have nothing
You will have nothing

When i'm gone,
I think it's only right you know,
You will have nothing
You will have nothing

We all live a life so undefined,
Take control and stop looking for the signs.
Our decisions won't always be right,
But everything gets better with time!(x2)